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Board FencingAmerican Timber and Steel is proud to offer you our agricultural board on board fencing, also known as “Kentucky Board Fence”. These boards are cut 6” wide and 1-1/8” thick, giving your fence the strength needed to keep your animals secure. The standard 16’ lengths are designed for 8’ post spacing. See pages 10-11 for post information.

We offer our Fence Boards in three species: Our Southern Yellow Pine boards are treated with our environmentally friendly ACQ to a .25 lbs. of retention per cubic foot, for above ground use. These Yellow Pine boards allow the chemical to go deep into the wood, which will give the boards the longest service life. These Southern Yellow Pine boards are 30% stronger than Oak Boards and nearly twice as strong as the Poplar Boards.

Our second option is Mixed Oak. The Mixed Oak Fence boards are not treated as oak will not allow the preservative to penetrate the wood. Most people believe that Oak is stronger than Southern Yellow Pine, but in reality, while Oak is harder to crush, Southern Yellow Pine has a much higher breaking strength. The softer flexibility of the Southern Yellow Pine allows it to flex before breaking.

Our third option is Yellow Poplar. Yellow Poplar is a soft hardwood. These boards are also treated with ACQ, but they only accept a small amount of treatment. These boards are the lowest cost alternative.

Dog Eared Fence Boards
Our Dog Eared Fence Boards are made from Red Pine or Radiata Pine. These boards are treated with ACQ to a chemical retention of .25 lbs. per cubic foot for above ground use. These popular and economical boards are excellent for privacy fencing around swimming pools, back yards or to simply hide garbage containers.

Whichever you choose, we have the Fence Boards for you. Contact our fencing experts today for more information and current pricing.