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While we can supply you with all of the items on this website and even more, American Timber and Steel can also Mill, Treat and Dry your wood. If you have your own supply of wood, we can turn your wood into a beautiful, long lasting product.

The milling services that American Timber and Steel offers include all of the following and more:

  • Notching
  • Beveling
  • Drilling
  • Painting
  • Grading
  • Mortising
  • Chamfering
  • End Trimming
  • Incising
  • Branding
  • CNC Routing
  • Shaping

Our Norwalk, Ohio facility offers both CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate) and ACQ (Alkaline Copper Quat) treatments. We can treat your wood products to nearly any desired retention.

The CCA treatment is offered for only those projects acceptable by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) for use in commercial, industrial, and some agricultural applications.

We also offer custom drying services. We can dry your softwood products to your optimum moisture content in order to stabilize your wood and prevent shrinkage.

Our Kiln Drying services include either drying prior to treatment, known as KD, or Kiln Drying After Treatment, known as KDAT. Our kiln is exclusively set up to dry softwood lumber or timbers.

For all of your Milling, Treating, and Kiln Drying service needs, contact your American Timber and Steel representative today.