About Us

American Timber and Steel began in business in 1983, treating and supplying Wood Guardrail Posts for one lone customer. We have grown tremendously over the years from our one customer, to becoming one of the largest and most diversified, specialty wood product manufacturers in North America.

Because so many of our items are custom made, a catalog just can’t list the thousands of different items we manufacture every year. We have taken our most popular items and put them in a catalog format to show you many of the options we can offer. Please keep in mind that we have the capability to make nearly any custom design that can be imagined.

So why buy from American Timber and Steel? We can provide you with the right product, for the right price. We’re use to demanding specifications. We work with nearly every Department of Transportation across America. We supply material which NASA uses and we supply material local farmers use. And, with our quality standards, we make it right the first time.

What sets American Timber and Steel apart from most wood suppliers is that:

  • We supply all of those impossible to find timber items.
  • We custom manufacture most of the items to nearly any specification in our own sawmill and reman facility.
  • We have our own wood treating plant so we know how to treat wood correctly.
  • We stock several grades of materials so you can get the grade you need.
  • We stock the steel and hardware your project requires for one stop shopping.
  • We stock and ship the wood and steel you need, nationwide.
  • We believe in a quality product, with an economical price.
  • We are innovative in order to provide new items and better ways to make your project turn out right.
  • We don’t over promise to get the job. We provide honest timetables and answers.

We have so many new products in the works, it will be impossible to list them all. But we will do our best to bring to you the items which we believe will help you and your business.

So if you have only known us for one of our product lines, check out the other lines. We’ll bet you will find some new items which will be a perfect fit for your needs. We usually can mix and match items on a truck, saving you freight.

Contact us for more information. We sincerely look forward to serving your wood and steel needs.

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