American Timber and Steel offers many fencing options from home owners to agricultural uses.

Southern Yellow Pine gives you the best of both worlds as it is soft enough to take the chemicals during pressure treating yet it has a strong core for the perfect combination of strength and durability.   

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Round Fence Posts Thumbnail

Round Fence Posts

ATS has been one of the first post manufacturers to make "turned" Southern Yellow Pine Round Fence Posts. These posts are very straight and have a more finished appearance.

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Round Pointed Fence Posts Thumbnail

Round Pointed Fence Posts

Our Pointed Round Posts make easy work for driving the posts into many soil conditions.

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Round Faced Fence Posts Thumbnail

Round Faced Fence Posts

Love the round post but want a flat surface to apply your board fencing to? Then our Faced Posts are your answer. Only a small side is cut flat so the integrity of the posts stays in tact.

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Board Fencing Thumbnail

Board Fencing

Southern Yellow Pine and Yellow Poplar are often the preferred treated boards for Board Fencing. We also offer Oak Boards by special order.

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Round Rail Fencing (5 STAR) Thumbnail

Round Rail Fencing (5 STAR)

Our Round Rail Fencing is available in 2-rail or 3-rail versions and offers a beautiful uniform finished look.

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Split Rail Fencing (5 Star) Thumbnail

Split Rail Fencing (5 Star)

5 Star Split Rail Fences are considered the easiest to install and offer an more rustic look. Also, available in 2-rail or 3-rail options.

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Pre-Assembled Gates Thumbnail

Pre-Assembled Gates

Matching gates for our 5 Star Fences are pre-assembled in 2-rail or 3-rail styles.

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Snake Rail Fencing Thumbnail

Snake Rail Fencing

The Snake Rail Fence offers an Early American style fence that is laid in zig-zag sections with or without using posts for a unique rustic look.

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