Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks

As the leading manufacturer of wood guardrail posts in North America and stocking locations across the US, our state of the art manufacturing facilities are able to produce nearly all post and block specifications from Federal to State requirements even though they vary significantly.

Southern Yellow Pine is primarily used which meets AASHTO M-168 for the physical and strength characteristics. Our primary CCA treatment complies with the requirements of AASHTO M-133 preservations as well and we can offer other treatments like, ACQ, Creosote, Pentachlorophenol or nearly any other AWPA, FHWA and state specifications that may be required.

Quality control testing on treatment is constant at ATS to provide required certifications and documentations necessary for projects across America. As members of the American Traffic Safety Association, we have even gone to lengths of developing our own full scale pendulum crash test facility to analyze our new products for safety and effectiveness. 

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