Poles and Pilings

American Timber and Steel stocks a large variety of Utility Poles and Wood Piling to fit a variety of customer needs.

In addition, we make to order non-tapered poles often used for building providing a clean finished look.  These same non-tapered poles are used to put together our ultimate Ranch Entrance Kits.

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Wood Piling

These tapered poles are made from Southern Yellow Pine and typically treated with CCA. Sizes vary by the diameter of either the butt or tip of the pole and typically gain 1" diameter for every 10' from small to large end.

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Utility Poles Thumbnail

Utility Poles

Utility Poles are also tapered but are measured by length and class to meet . Every pole is Branded with the class and length of ANSI standards to assure proper use.

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No Taper Poles Thumbnail

No Taper Poles

For a beautiful smooth pole suitable for inside use as well as treating for outdoor projects, ATS can make to order No Taper Poles.

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Ranch Entrance Timber Kits

Our no-taper poles make your farm entrance look great as is or hanging a custom made sign.

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