Merritt Parkway Guardrail

The Merritt Parkway Guardrail was designed originally for the Merritt Parkway in Connecticut to provide for the safety of modern highways and add beauty to the landscape. Similar to our Steel-Backed Timber System except the Merritt Parkway posts are steel and the wood rails are larger. All components are designed to meet Federal Highway Administration Standards.

The Merritt Parkway was the first “Parkway” in the United States.  When a new highway was proposed in the 1920’s to ease congestion, there was strong local opposition to “allowing those New Yorkers to invade their property and cut through their estates”.  Congressman Merritt recommended construction of a “beautiful parkway” which “is not wholly or primarily a means for quick transit, but it should be constructed so as to add beauty to the landscape, and therefore attract desirable residents.”

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