Square Bollards and Collapsible/Removable Bollards

Square Wood Bollards are another great option to line parking lots, bike paths, buildings or anywhere you want to prevent vehicles for pedestrian safety. If you need a barrier to discourage pedestrians from crossing as well, then add rope and chain strung between each post.

Our standard square bollards are planed from Southern Yellow Pine wood on all four sides (S4S) in order to provide a great looking, clean and uniform bollard. Add decorative chamfering, grooves, slanted top or pyramid top to create an attractive look to fit your needs. We then pressure treat them with environmentally friendly .40 ACQ to last for decades.

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American Timber and Steel offers a collapsible or a removable bollard in order to allow access by some vehicles like maintenance and emergency while keeping other traffic out.

The Collapsible Bollard Kit comes with the galvanized steel base welded to a strong anchor assembly which slips into fresh concrete for ease in installation. When set, attach the wood pieces and fold them up to create a barrier which is lockable to avoid unauthorized access. When the wood pieces are unlocked and unfolded, only a 3” clearance is needed to gain access. Another version available can be bolted down instead of set in concrete.

The Removable Bollard Kit comes with a stainless steel base with two hinged sides in which the wood bollard fits between and is held in place by lockable bolts to create a barrier or remove the bolts and fold down the sides to release the bollard and allow access.  With the wood removed, the stainless steel base is the only piece still on the ground with less than an inch of clearance making it much less obtrusive.  This kit is designed to be set in concrete but can also be made to be bolted down instead.


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