Bridge Decking and Bridge Building Timbers

Bridge Decking

Our ability to supply an extensive array of unique sizes and strength requirements from large timbers to deck boards for Bridges and Bridge Decks has made us known as “The Timber Specialists.”

American Timber and Steel specializes in both new construction and bridge rehabilitation projects meeting nearly any specification, size, finish or trim across the United States from private to city, county, state and federal bridges.   We also have the expertise to suggest alternatives if the timber specified is not available.


Bridge Building Timbers

With the ability to mill timbers even larger, we have supplied timbers as large as 10 inch x 30 inch and lengths up to 55 feet (for even larger sizes see, Laminated Timbers page).

Nearly every species and grade is available as well as almost all treatment options including both waterborne and oil-borne. The waterborne treatments consist of CCA, ACQ and MCA. The Oil-borne preservatives consist of Pentachlorophenol, Creosote and Copper Napthenate.

American Timber and Steel can also kiln dry our timbers after treatment in order to help stabilize and increase the wood’s strength.

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