Timber Lagging and Landscape Timbers

Timber Lagging

The versatility of Southern Yellow Pine makes it ideal for many applications of Timber Lagging in highway, industrial and commercial applications being the strongest domestic softwood although the reliable Douglas Fir timber or the old standby Mixed Oak timbers are also available.

American Timber and Steel can provide any timber specification in all grades from a low #3 to the highest grade of DS 65 or Select Structural and finishes as rough sawn or surfaced on all four sides.  Typical dimensions range from 3x8 to 8x8 and for stability and longevity, any of our treatment options are available CCA, ACQ, MCA, Pentachlorophenol or Creosote. 


Landscape Timbers

For over 35 years, American Timber and Steel has been supplying large, strong, top quality Landscape Timbers for landscape professionals everywhere to use for retaining walls, flower beds, raised gardens, parking bumpers, stairways, and to line driveways.

These large timbers are nothing like the peeler core byproducts you may find elsewhere that will rot away after just a few years.  Our Landscape Timbers are solid and are treated right lasting for decades whether treated for residential use in ACQ or MCA or CCA if for commercial use.

The more common sizes range from 6x6 to 8x8 in either rough sawn for a more rustic look with timbers that may vary in size a bit or in surfaced timbers that are planed down making them a half inch smaller but gives a cleaner more uniform look. 

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