Guardrail Products

American Timber and Steel is one of the largest guardrail products manufacturers in North America specializing in the manufacture of wood guardrail components including our FHWA approved, Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail. We stock our Department of Transportation approved wood guardrail posts at several locations from coast to coast.

Check out our full array of steel guardrail components including w-beam guardrail, thrie-beam, steel posts, radius rail and energy absorbing end terminals, crash cushions, and even powder coated guardrail, in your choice of colors. For your industrial guardrail applications, our powder coated safety yellow guardrail will meet all OSHA guardrail guidelines.

Look for our  Steel-Backed Timber Guardrail and Merritt Parkway Guardrail under the Timber Barrier Products.

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Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks Thumbnail

Wood Guardrail Posts and Blocks

Guardrail Wood Post and Block made for nearly every state across North America to FHWA state specifications.

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Steel Guardrail Components Thumbnail

Steel Guardrail Components

Full line of Steel Guardrail and components in 10 Ga and 12 Ga Galvanized or Corten.

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Used Guardrail Products Thumbnail

Used Guardrail Products

It may not be all shinny and new but the price is! Our used guardrail is perfect for when you just need a temporary solution or it simply doesn't need to be brand new.

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Powder Coated Guardrail Thumbnail

Powder Coated Guardrail

Guardrail in any color! Powder coated guardrail is a great way to add some color making your guardrail visually appealing whether for safety or to blend in.

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